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It is the first time that 2 participating outfits were allowed in the monthly contest and it is the first time that the contest was made exclusive for female models. These are some of the changes we have been mentioning since the last quarter of 2010.
I also stopped store modeling for a while since I cannot monitor the models personally and I don't want to depend 100% on my manager Devi Longfall who will be busy in our upcoming Valentine Fashion Show. Rest assured store modeling will be resumed once I have more free time RL to spend in SL.

1. Only the participating outfit for the month should be used to enter
2. Only 1 picture per participating outfit.
3. Several entries may be submitted provided it is a different outfit but within the participating outfit line(this increases your chances of winning but this is optional and depends on the model's discretion)

ALL ENTRIES WILL BE GIVEN TO JUDGES on Feb 4( The picture will bear no name) and Winners will be announced on Feb 5. GOOD LUCK!!!


Rusalka is a proud member of the KDSM Elite Models and Costa Rica Sims Productions families. She is also currently attending the Miss Virtual World Academy. In addition to modeling, Rusalka is also a photographer, SL lifestyle & fashion writer at http://ThisSecondLife.com and co-owns Rusalka Designs and Photography Studio with her partner, Felsputzer Lowtide.

I have been a fan of E-STYLE magazine for a while, but I only recently gained the courage to try out such a tough contest! Landing a magazine cover would, of course, be a dream. More than that though, I simply enjoy the challenge of competing with the other amazing models and photographers out there striving for the same goal. Plus, this contest introduced me to DMG Creations, which truly inspired me to create this photo with their fabulous outfit of the month. After I had the outfit and got to playing with styling and backgrounds, I was having so much fun I just had to enter!


I am Trinity the owner of a new and growing modeling agency .. entering this contest is a way for me to show my bright young students that winning is possible but only if you try .. it also brings me back to the struggles and joys of being a model looking for work and playing with style and fashion .. all the fun and the trials that make it so worth it to be a model.

Graduated Maniera Institute of Style in oct 2009


Hi Im Diona I do not have a detailed resume at the moment i do everything on my own as i learn through the modeling world. For me it will be expensive to take all these classes to find work on SL but, im looking through some Agencies. I hope you will consider my entry but I will understand if im not fit to enter this contest.


I entered this contest because I am someone who highly enjoys styling and being creative with my fashion. I love putting looks together and showing the different sides of my personality through my clothing. This seemed like a fabulous, reputable opportunity and I look forward to working more with DMG and E-Style! :)

Model Training through The Butterfly Agency and a current student at Maniera Institute of Style.


Hello my name is VelvetOnyx Jewell
i speak german and english
I was Student in Icarus Model academy my Trainer was Lars Foulsbane.
I am a model because I love fashion and I like to meet new people. I also love the diversity of options to change my look.
My goals are to learn as much as possible to be a really good model and work with the best designers in SL and help new models to make their way in the world of Fashion.

I was born 5/16/2007

When I start in SL I worked in a Club as a manager. One part of my tasks was to plan the schedule of the dancers and to plan and conduct contests. In the Club I worked for more than a half year, then there was a owner change, I got the chance to work as a moderator for slr2 a german radiostation. I had my own weekly radio show named " Jewellhearts - Unterwegs in Sachen Liebe" I traveld in SL to nice places where couples can have a nice time. Sometimes I helped people to say sorry or tell their sweetheart that they love him or her.
I worked there for more than a year.
After that I don´t realy worked in SL, sometimes I pland weddings for friends, part from differnet medivial Roleplays and tried to create some clothes.
In April 2010 me and two friends bought a homestead sim and we started our own Roleplay Sim.
I was administrator there and worked as the finacial coordinator. We closed the sim after 5 months.
In January i opened my own Agency for modeling and dance specialy to teach german models.


Hi Im Diona I do not have a detailed resume at the moment i do everything on my own as i learn through the modeling world. For me it will be expensive to take all these classes to find work on SL but, im looking through some Agencies. I hope you will consider my entry but I will understand if im not fit to enter this contest.


I am Puhi Rotaru and have been modeling since August 2007. I am a graduate of EVANE in August 2007 and have been affiliated with many prestege agencies . I am currently attending MVW academy for a refresher course. I have worked for many talented designers and have done numerous runway shows, live modeling and some print work for contests. I have entered and placed in many contest and semi-finals and finals.
I want to join this contest to present DMG and Estyle in a professional manner and grace the cover of a awesome magazine. Also , to represent my unique style to the SL fashion world.

I am pleased to be a finalist for DMG Creations and congratulate all the other finalist too. I also send a word of encouragment to others who want to be a model or in contest and say "dont give up and keep trying", because if its what you desire, you will succeed.


June rezzed in SL on 11/9/2007 and has owned and operated several Clubs. June's career in Sl Modeling started two years ago when she started to do Photography. With the love of clothes and fashion, June soon found that Secondlife had some very talented designers.

Having a girlhood dream of being a fashion model, June realized that her dreams could come true in Secondlife. So she seeked out different Agencies. First joined VooDoo Vogue Agency where she did numerous Fashion Shows. before they closed down.

June did not realized the hard work that she had to put in but found it was worth it and very rewarding, they taught her so much. Now she has so much more confidence in herself and her abilities. June's hard work paid off when she won Ms Best Model in SL 2010.

June has set and acheived several of her goals in this fabulous world of fashion, she knows she can achieve more. June's main goal now is to become the best model in Secondlife that she can be and to pass on her knowledge to other aspiring models that wish to persue this wonderful profession


Hello, my name is Meri Dagger, and i thank you for looking over what i tried to create for your contest!
My resume is not extensive, i only just started at D.A.B. modeling academy, but since i have been immersed in this culture i have not only begun to strive to be the very best that i can be, but that, as it has always been, to make my avatar into a custom made art form. Modeling has been a breath of fresh air, and it has finally given me something to truly enjoy here in Second Life.
Personally, the two biggest things about me is that i LOVE to make people laugh, and i am a very loyal family member and friend, =).
The reason i signed up for this, is my boss, Trinity Graves, told me about it, and wanted me to join with her. I take this as a great opportunity to see just what i can do. Thank you for your time and consideration!


Currently doing modelling courses
What made me join this contest is your Ad that came from groups messaging, of which I thought was a great opportunity to start off showing my creativity, plus, I would love to be working for DMG Creations and E-Style Modelling Group one day

1.You will be given a notecard in world and an invite to the Exclusive Model's Group.
2.You will receive a pair of 24-shoo shoes each
3.You will have a one page spread on E-STYLE Fashion Magazine February Issue. How? Submit another picture wearing any red outfit,you may choose any designer not necisarily DMG Creations. Then send it to me by Feb 10 12nn name the pic" E-STYLE FEB'11-your name" then send in a notecard containing the description of all the items you are wearing in the picture.

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