Saturday, November 27, 2010


Congratulations to the following models who made it to the finals. You will soon receive an exclusive 30-day modeling contract with DMG Creations as Store Models which would let you earn lindens as pay when you stay at DMG Store and E-Style Fashion Magazine as print models in which you would be included in the December Issue of the Magazine.

You would be given an exclusive invite to the model group in world.Pls send us your headshot and a bioparagraph.Winners will be announced on December 1,2010. See you at the our mainstore in Brasov City

Finalist # 1 Sookie Triellis

Hi! I am very excited to be selected as a finalist as this months DMG Creative Look of the month. I have been in sl now for just over two years and have been shopping the whole time it seems. I have been modeling for over a year now. I love shopping, modeling and playing greedy as often as i can. So I hope to represent DMG for the month as best I can and I hope to see you all around the grid sometime.

Finalist # 2 Catlyn Sahara

I can't believe I was picked as a finalist yet again. Its such an honor and all the photos look amazing. The last few months I've grown as a model and I've learned a whole lot about myself. I wish everyone the best of luck and hope to see everyone around in the store. :)

iC Motions Basic Class (August 2010)
iC Motions Advance Class (September 2010)

Maritima Inc. (August 2010-Present)
Sophisticated Secrets Modeling (SSMA) (October 2010-November 2010(currently closed for a while))
Spirit Modeling Agency (October 2010-Present)
T&K Modeling Agency (October 2010-Present)
Da Monari Inc. (DℳI) (November 2010-Present)

Live Modeling
DMG Creations
DC Creations

Leimoni Show (October 21st)
SSMA Halloween Show (October 28th)
T&K Mini Halloween Show (October 30th)
Alge's and Ivannia's Show (November 24th)
Luranie Show during Fashion Week at Maritima (December 9th)

Print work
Fall Photo for E-Style Magazine (Oct 2010)
Centerfold Model for E-Style Magazine (Nov 2010)
Halloween Photo for E-Style Magazine (Nov 2010)
Two Store Ads for Sweet Nothings (Nov 2010)
Cover Model for M Magazine (Dec 2010)

Howling Blood Photo Contest (1st place for Aug 2010)
Syndicate Photo Contest (2nd place for
Sept 2010)
DMG Creations Style Competition (4th place for Sept 2010)
DMG Creations Style Competition (2nd place for Oct 2010)
Designer's Choice Award for Lingerie Boutique Babe Contest (Oct 2010)
DMG Creations Style Competition (Finalist for Nov 2010)

Finalist # 3 redhairgenie Cabassoun

I am thrilled to be an E-STYLE Magazine Creative Look finalist for November and am honoured to have been chosen along with the other lovely models who all submitted wonderful photos. I am a professional model, stylist and model trainer with extensive experience in runway, print and live modeling as well as experience as an agency director, model instructor and fashion show producer.

I trained at The Miss Virtual World, GLANCE, Super Elite and Model Pages International modeling academies and I am currently a student at Evane. I am in the process of opening PANACHE! Model Management and Avatar Makeover Services where I will continue my work as an avatar makeover artist and will train models in a small group setting.

While still very much a work in progress myself, I really enjoy working as a model instructor and assisting others to makeover and style themselves. It is an honour and a priveledge to be a part of the self development of others.

I love all aspects of the SL modeling and fashion world and I am truly grateful to be considered for this opportunity with DMG Creations and E-STYLE Fashion Magazine.

Finalist # 4 Maile Michinaga

I'm Maile Michinaga and one of the November Finalists. I just recently made my 4th rezzed year in SL. Yes, im that old but im always learning! I started SL watching my RL friends creating their avatars and i thought to myself, this looks like fun so i give it a try.
I didnt start modeling until two years ago when i accidentally tp'ed into a major modeling agencies fashion show. Not way to start modeling but it perked my interest to look into this new world.
I took classes, attended workshops and even casted to get experience to get a feel of what it is like and learn. I found it fun and challenging and met alot of new friends and theyre are still good friends even to this day.
Im currently represented by serveral Agencies which im very proud to have casted and attend their modeling programs.
Avenue Models Agency, Mad Agency, Evane Models Agency and iC Motion Agency.
※Ewing Elite Model Graduate - February 2009
❖Mentors/Teachers: Zoeanastasia Aeon, Tiffany Dragonash.

※Avenue Model Graduate May2009
❖instructor: Kryptonia Paperdoll

※Evane Academy Graduate -July 2009
❖instructor/Mentor: Sequoia Nightfire & Mimi Boa

※SE Elite Model Graduate - April2010
❖Mentors/Teachers: Lorelei Maggs & Isabelle Brocco

Im always learning, casting and meeting new people in secondlife and the best thing about this is you get to shop and create new looks. Im always out to help people and giving positive feedback.

Finalist # 5 AddisonLynn Blaisdale

Hello there! I'm AddisonLynn Blaisdale, but those who know me call me Addi. I'm a model who is re-entering the scene after a brief hiatus due to RL. I am beyond honored that I have been chosen as a DMG Creative Look November finalist. I've gone through training at three academies, will hopefully be entering my 4th in a month. My ultimate fashion world goals are to become a successful model and a well-know stylist. In my free time I can be found spending time with my great SL friends, shopping and styling outfits.

Thank you again for the honor and the opportunity, DMG Creations and E-Style Magazine!

Finalist # 6 Natzuka Miliandrovic

I'm in SL since 08/21/2010 (yes I'm only 3 months old),
I have submitted some photo contest and did a little catwalk,
then I decide to try the modeling carrier carefully helped by my best friend, but I started to take it seriously
when I met my beloved teachers Matteo Bettencourt and
Angelik Lavecchia at the O-Glam modeling agency.
Now I'm a certificated model by O-Glam agency.

Finalist # 7 Allison Vanderbor

My name is Allison Vanderbor, I am from the USA, living on the west coast, and was rezzed on May 9th, 2010. I have been successful in Secondlife as a professional model and business owner. In my modeling career, I graduated from EnVogue Modeling Academy and I am currently a model for Loveli Inc., PRAKA, Maritima and DMG Creations. I was chosen as Loveli's Top Model for the Loveli Model Search in November 2010. I have modeled in various fashion shows such as; Loveli's Phantom of the Opera show, A&R Designs and 69 Designs. In addition, I have done print ads for PRAKA & Ice Princess in Black Diamond Magazine and PRAKA in E-STYLE Anniversary Edition Magazine.

After a lot of hard work and dedication, I became a partner with PRAKA on November 18th, 2010. PRAKA owns a fine arts gallery, fashion mall and club called Twilight. My motivation and commitment is fierce towards my modeling career as well as my business.

On a personal note, I love to shop for new designs, learn photography and dance. Come see us at Twilight, maybe someday I will see you out on the dance floor.

Finalist # 8 Grindel Glasswing

I am pleased to be a DMG finalist again having just embarked upon a modeling career. Less than a year ago I came to SL to work on an education project and have stayed to experience the richness of virtual reality and how it changes your first life in many ways you can not imagine until you have lived here. Fashion as art abounds in SL and so my interest in all aspects of the SL fashion industry keeps growing.

I live on the water in the quirky, interesting Victorian Steampunk village of Caledon, but shed my Victorian clothes for more contemporary styles when out in the greater Linden world. You will often find me dancing at the jazz clubs, blues bars, and live concerts where SL fashion abounds.

Finalist # 9 Stargazer Daylight

The truth about StarGazer Daylight:

Staring at stars got some dust in my eye
And caused me to stop and to think
The road to perdition is littered with loss
I'll choose a different route

I searched for a star that was totally cool
And unknown to the gathering hordes
I finally found it where no one had thought
In the shade of the glowering sun

Behind a small sun spot surrounded extreme
By a daylight so strong and surreal
But perfectly clear with a heavenly scent
It just begged me stop on its shores

And there life was born for this wandering mime
And there all my dreams came to be
Doorways were opened, creations unbound
That's where my new Life came to me.

StarGazer Daylight
December 2, 2010

StarGazer promises to fulfill the dreams of every model and every model's fans.
Newness with trueness, beauty with charm, love in unlimited mode.
Follow the StarGazer and watch stars with her,
Another perfect one may be waiting for you!

Thursday, November 4, 2010


Here is the New Release and the participating outfit for November named after September winner KIMBER KASSNER. The DMG CREATIVE LOOK CONTEST contest will be temporarily off for males this month and until further annnouncement.

TP to DMG Creations Mainstore and Showroom at Brasov City 195/33/21

Get To Know Them: Creative Look Winners for OCTOBER


Since I am just starting out, my resume is embarrassingly brief, but here goes.

Modeled in NOH8 show for outrageous glamour in Sept'2010.
Model for DMG Creations Nov'2010

Advertising poster for Upcoming "Make him over 5" hunt.
Cover Model E-Style Fashion Magazine November 2010

Winner of DMG's Creative Look of the Month(November '2010)


It has been an amazing journey the last couple of months. Getting second place this month and becoming the centerfold model is a huge honor for me. Everyone had wonderful photos and I know it must have been hard for the judges to pick the winner. I hope to continue growing as a model and being a role model to others to do well.

iC Motions Basic Class (August 2010)
iC Motions Advance Class (September 2010)

Maritima Inc. (August 2010-Present)
Sophisticated Secrets Modeling (October 2010-Present)
Spirit Modeling Agency (October 2010-Present)
T&K Modeling Agency (October 2010-Present)

Live/Store Modeling
DMG Creations
DC Creations

Lead Model
LG Photography

Leimoni Show (October 21st)
SSMA Halloween Show (October 28th)
T&K Mini Halloween Show featuring GPD (October 30th)

Print work
Fall Photo for E-Style Magazine (October 2010)
Centerfold Model for E-Style Magazine (November 2010)
Halloween Photo for E-Style Magazine (Nobember 2010)

DMG Creations Style Competition (2nd Place for October)
DMG Creations Stlye Competition (4th place for September)
2nd Place Syndicate Photo Contest (September)
1st Place Howling Blood Photo Contest (August)