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If you tp to our store you will see them on the runway modeling male clothes by DMG Creations..Female clothing are being modeled by our DMG CREATIVE LOOK FINALIST...

Congratulations to:


Hey there, Mesh Carter here,

This year held and still holds so many wonderful and amazing adventures and experiences ever since I started modeling in October.
I meet so many cherished friends and people full of creativity and good will in this world, people I enjoy working with, designers I am proud to show the work of, fellow models who are always willing to share their experience and little tips with anyone who'd listen.
I have graduated a couple of schools, among them FI as an associate and JSE, but the runway and the actual experience are a great teacher just the same, it's a learning curve without an end, and there's always something else you don't know.

I do have ambitions but they are mostly about my own skills, I am here to enjoy the ride.

represented by: SSMA, IMA, Alter-Ego, EIMA, Twisted Rose, Farouche Tres and Siren productions


Amitriel Mattercaster

Sl Birth-date: 12/10/09
Gender (SL): Male
Location/Timezone: EST
Agencies: Farouche Tres, Top Models
Training: Graduated from Farouche Tres Modeling School in March 2010, have received additional training at Top Models as well.
Photographers worked for: Brew Eiren, LovelyMiwako7399 Menna
Runway Experience: Participated in Farouche Tres Graduation Ceremony Fashion Show March 2010


Winner of Mr and Mrs DAB '08/ [6mths contract inc training] [Mrs DAB Jula Carnell]
Won best Model Aug 08 Zanphoria /
2nd in SL's next top model 09
Modelled for edo with Agata
Modelled for Kabuki

Zanphoria Head Model -Diversity Model -Sky dolls model - Einsteins Model -MWC Model - Envision model -T.O.M.A model -Siren model -Print Model for MĂ©LanGe Inc - EIMA top model - EMA Model

My ambition is to be a top Model -i am approachable and professional - Available -please contact me IM/Note card or


Rezz Date-July 09, 2008
Name-Barney Helendale
Time- PST (SL time)
Times available-8am to 2 pm


Academy Training
Glance International Graduate


DejaVogue Agency
Catalyst of Fantasy Agency (CoF)
Trendy Agency
DMG Creations & E-STyle Fashion Magazine Exclusive Models Group


DejaVogue- Chantkare, Bellissima, Shiki

CoF- VelvetRythms


SL has been an experience!! When i first arrived, i was a classic "newbie". But with the assistance of nice people, mentors, i adjusted well. Now, i help others as I was helped. Most of my experience, has been working as a host. I work at a Jazz Club, so i see many well-dressed people. I admire style and class, and as a people person, i knew it was only a matter of time, before i became a model.

"Looking good is feeling good."

Barney Helendale


Hello, my name is Lars Foulsbane.
I started modelling in February 2010 as a Store Model for a company,
the owner asked me, as I went there for the opening party. I started to have an interesst in the Modelling World with this first job. My whole life in Second Life, I was always addicted to fashion, to find the latest outfit or the best new store. As I started as a store model, I also did some castings and joined some agencies like EMA, D'ior, Deja Vouge and others.
I was a JCNY Showcase Model through March and gained a lot of experience and knowledge through this.
I walked for different companies and different styles, so i was part of the SOURCE Show from D'ior and walking soon for Farouche on the Fashion Alert Sim.
Working on different projects is really exciting. I have done some previous runway shows and some are coming up. On the EMA Disco Theme Show, i could show my talent and was the Top Winner, which was great fun. I look forward to an exciting future as a model in Second Life.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Congratulations to these lovely ladies who made it to the finals. You will soon receive a group invite to the exclusive models group once you receive the invite you can now work at DMG Creations Runway as a Runway Model under a 30-day paid contract while waiting for the winner to be announced. You will also receive a notecard in world on how to claim your 24 WOW shoes and Mannon's Hair..Good Luck Ladies.


A Graduate of the following academies:

1. Miss Virtual World Academy
2. Glance academy
3. Catalyst of Fantasy

***Represented by GIA, EIMA, Infinite & Premier ***
**Print Model - Prism Haute Couture Clothing Run
Glance|, International Agency,
- Kim Isle Opening/Fashion Show
- Accesorry Fair 2010 - Tres Beau
- Bolero/ Jador Show
- Ala Folie Show
- The Pink Nigh Charity
- Glance| International Fashion Day 2009
Chantkare/Freda Fredrikson/Riviera/Naive

Elegance International Modelling Agency (EIMA) - Jeans Show
- Angel Dessous Show
- Chantkare Show
- Dangerous Lace Show
- Geryn Sloan Show
Infinite - Haute Couture
Infinite - Wedding Expo
Hot2Trot Runway Show
The Other Modeling Agency - LA DEsign

General Manager - MWC Agency
June 2009 - Feb 2010

General Manager, Fashion Palace
Feb 2010 - April 2010



My name is Shanen Hax, I´ve been in SL since March 2007. My best qualities are that Im very friendly and I learn really quick besides I do love my job and I enjoy it thats why Im a reliable person. I´m pretty fluent in english and spanish.
As part of my experience as a Model and photographer it includes:
*Model graduated from Face2Face Academy (December 2007)
*Trainer for Face2Face Modelling Academy (January 2008 -January 2009)
*Top Model for Face2Face (January 2008- August 2009)
*Face2Face Management of events and graduations (January 2008 -January 2009)
*Top Model for Miramar Agency (February 2008-December 2008)
*1st runner for Wet Dreams Store Model contest (March 2008)
*Winner as Model for Via Latina contest (July 2008)
*Owner of Poison Ivy Photostudio (January 2009- current)
*Top Model of Elegance International Model Agency (December 2009-current)
*Manager of Elegance International Model Agency (January 2010- current)
*Trainer for Elegance International Model Agency (January 2010- current)
*Model graduated from MPI Model Pages International (April 2010)
*Certified MPI Model (April 2010-current)
*Finalist for DMG April (April 2010)


I help newbies. mostly females. They say you should give back right? Well thats my good deed.

★ D'ior Modelling Agency - Model
★ Flawless Diamondz 4 Ever Inc - Model
★ Evolve - Runway & Live Model
★ Revnik - Print
★ D'ior Modelling Agency - Certificate-Ongoing
★ Evane Modeling Agency - Certificate-Ongoing


About Me :

My name is Slowly Bury and I have been around for about 3 years. I started taking an intrest in modeling in December 2008 with some light in-store modeling but really became very involved in June 2009, when I started my first training.IMy first big acheivement was being named Miss Uzuri in November 2009 and since then I have had many other great things happen for me. In addition to modeling. I enjoy being "behind the scenes" in the industry by doing show hosting and script writing. When I am not modeling, my greatest passion is working on my Photography and learning Machinima. Other than that, I am looking forward to having fun,learning and growing within the Industry.




I am an Asian model based in London who has recently discovered the dynamic world of SL modeling. It's been a fast-paced, fun, and rewarding journey so far, and I hope to be able to contribute to this diverse and eclectic community. Fashion has always been an important element in my life, since my childhood when I watched my aunts and uncles who were designers and artists devote passionately to their work. They taught me that fashion and art are about expressing one's individuality and creative potential, which has deeply influenced my view today. I seek out what are conceptual, eclectic, unique, and even a bit moody... wearing pretty clothes is fun, but representing a feeling or idea captured in the designers' vision for their creations is even more fun and meaningful to wear. I hope to enable these designers to share their work and vision in the best way possible.

Name: Hye Omizu
DOB: 6th February 2010
Ethnicity (RL & SL): East Asian
Time Zone: GMT (+4 SLT during DST, +5) and EST (+3 SLT)
SL Times Available: Daily 9:00AM - 9:00PM SLT, additional availability by arrangement

I am a motivated model based in London who is available for runway, print, and live modeling. As a SL model, I hope to channel my creative energies into my work and contribute to the development and improvement of Sl's fashion and modeling communities. Upon request, I am willing to alter my avatar appearance, apparel, and accessories as required by the position.

+ Glance Model Academy, Student
+ Fashion Institute, Associates Graduate in Modeling
+ Fashion Institute, Associates Candidate in Photography
+ Miss Virtual World Academy, Prospective Student
+ Catalyst of Fantasy Academy, Prospective Advanced Student
+ Look Elite Model Academy, Prospective Advanced Runway Student

SSMA Agency, Model
MA Modeling Agency, MA Model
Model Agency Baxton, Model Candidate

* Runway/Live Modeling *
+ JCNY Model'Fest, Showcase Model, April Weeks 1 & 2
+ DMG Creative Look April Finalist, Live Model
+ Look Elite Model Agency, Weekly Quick Contest Participant (March & April 2010)
+ Classics with Style Weekly Runway Events, April Participant
+ V-Twins, Volunteer Live Model on 30th April through Fashion Institute
+ Midi, Volunteer Model on 30th April through Fashion Institute

* Photo Contests *
+ Miss Virtual World 2011 Candidate
+ House of Beningborough, Beningborough Style Challenge Photo Contest Participant
+ Mohna Lisa Couture, April Contest Participant
+ Hyper Culture, April Model of the Month Participant
+ Phoenix Rising, April Model of the Month Participant
+ Calla Hair Versastyle, March Participant

* Other *
+ Freelance Shape Consultant to Second Life Residents
+ Freelance Personal Stylist to Second Life Residents

Fashion has been a very personal element in my life, since the days I watched some of my aunts and uncles work through their designs and artistic endeavours in my childhood. They taught me to view fashion and art as a way of expressing my individuality rather than something to follow with labels and designers. This has been the foremost reason why I have always sought out the progressive, the conceptual, and the unique. As an Asian model, I hope to further develop these elements while portraying to the community a new perspective on fashion, beauty, and art.

Amongst those closest to me, I am notorious for seeking out new ways of seeing the world. Often, this means putting myself into challenging and new situations that bring me out of my comfort zone. As a result, I tend to be an open, honest person who likes to analyse the surface and then look beyond to the next layers. I am easygoing, friendly, and constantly self-improving through seeking constructive feedback. I live by a tenet of Heraclitus of Ephesus, a pre-Socratic Greek philosopher known for his doctrine of change perpetuating the universe, who stated, "No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it's not the same river and he's not the same man."

Over 50,000 items collected in 3 months, comprising approximately 75% in fashion and accessory items and the remaining in building items
Over 200 skins, including demos
Over 100 shapes, most of which I have created/altered
Nearly 200 eyes, including ones created myself from Linden Avatar bases and other limited editions
Over 200 poses, including Runway, Still, and Animated poses
Over 200 hairs,some of which I've modified to create my own styles
AO's, purchased and created for daily use
Respectable collection of accessories (approximately 30-40% of fashion inventory), including footwear, jewelry, eyewear, et al.




Hello, I am Dammy, I come from Sicily and I am in SL since almost 3 years.
In all this time a lot of things happened to me, but if I try to look back, I can easily find a common denominator: my passion for fashion.

I can remember like it was yesterday, when I was just a little more than a newbie and I tryed to create clothes and pose to take pictures of them, all by myself.

Since my those rudimental tentatives I could understand quite soon that this was exactly what I wanted to do in sl: being a model, wearing fantastic clothes and pose for pictures of them.

I temporary worked for some club, where I used to dance and entertain people, and honestly it made me understand that I am more interested in fashion.
I actually work as a model at Pole Fashion Main Store, where most of all I pose showing their quality skins.

Oh, and of course, I am the classic "fashion victim", I spend very long time having shopping, when I look for lovely dresses and fabolous shoes.
I also like to decorate my house, that is what I do for most of my free time.

In real life I already have a degree, and now I study hard to realize my dream: help people with brain damages.


Hello, I'm Eve, and I'm so honored and excited to be a finalist for the third month in a row in the DMG Creative Look of the Month Contest for April! After being named as the first runner up for February, it's very exciting to be a finalist again with another shot at the title. Since last month, I've entered a number of other modeling contests, and have placed in a few of them, including a second place finish as the Model of the Month for Fashion Mecca. I've owned my own photography/graphic design business in SL since I started here in May 2007. I spend my time in SL learning everything I can about photography and modeling, always striving to create better photographs and artwork. I really enjoy sharing my love of photography and graphic design with others just starting out in SL. Thank you so much Docseree - this is really an amazing opportuntiy, and best of luck to all the other finalists!


~❤~JCNY ShowcaseModel~❤~

~❤~DMG Creative Finalist Model~❤~

~❤~Alpha Nu Theta VIP~❤~

Monday, April 5, 2010

NEW RELEASE: Urban Fashion Collection

EXPERIENCE SUMMER be the first ones to have this NEW Releases modeled during the Urban Fashion Week at Fashion Palace.Originally and exclusively designed for the show but now its out in the market...visit us at BRASOV CITY 249/33/21

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Get to Know Them: DMG CREATIVE LOOK WINNERS for March


★JCNY Showcase-February 2010
★Pre-Finalist House of Beningborough WK #3, WK#5 and WK # 7-2009
★Miss Virtual World-Grauation Feb 2010
★Fashion Institute - Certificate-Ongoing
★Evane-Graduation March 2010
★Avenue-Currently Attending
★Portfolio page below:
★Finalist Ms. Black SL-2008
★F.A.M.E. Agency-2010
★Europe Modelling Agency-2010
★Four Seasons Agency-2010
★Vivace "Design for Haiti" Benefit fashion show and Auction-2010
★Pretty Lady Model-2010-Ongoing
★MC Moonstar Fashion Show-2009
★!Help Model-Print-2009-Ongoing
★Diamond Doll Model-Print and Video-2009 Ongoing


Pheobie Bravin 6/28/08

Current Sim owner and Sim Designer of Resolution Island, with the Community of Magnolia.
Also currently owns Outer Expressions Photography Studios, which is a full service studio. She also has experience in Club Ownership in SL.

Since her inception she has been involved with different agencies, including a Photographer for Model book, a judge at multiple events for Ms Universe SL, and Runway Photographer for several different agencies including VooDoo Vogue. She does occasionally enter various Modeling events, and was runner up for Miss Bliss May 2009.

She spends her time toning her various SL skills, which also include SIM design, Landscaping, Interior Designing, building and texturing. She also is an avid Chess player and enjoys the competition in that.