Friday, September 24, 2010


CONGRATULATIONS to the following lovely ladies who made it to the finals for September.

You will be DMG's Exclusive Runway Models for the period of Sept 26 'til Oct 25 or until the new finalists are announced.This is a paid job and your salary depends on the time you spent on the runway
-only DMG Clothes are allowed in the runway
-wear only DMG Runway Model Tag
-Observe proper decorum on the runway at all times
-No duplication of outfit on the runway. Courtesy should be given to the first model who clocked in
-Do not forget to clock in. You are automatically clocked out if you leave the store. But to be sure you are paid better clock out.No retroactive payments will be given if you forget to clock in

-You will be sent invites to the exclusive models group in world.
-Make it a habit to check previous notices.
-You can follow us on twitter so you don't miss notices
-A NC on how to claim your expensive 24 shoo-shoes will be given in-world

1.) A short bioparagraph about you in a notecard entitled DMG BLOG (SEPT)-(your name)
DEADLINE: Sept 28,2010 12nn SLT
2.) A picture wearing a fall outfit(any designer) and a description of the outfit in outline form *this is required if you wanted to be included in the DMG Fashion Spread for E-STyle Magazine. Send it in a Folder titled E-Style(Oct)-(your name). Make sure you name everything correctly. Otherwise it will get lost and you will not be included
DEADLINE: October 8,2010

YOUR pictures will be viewed on a different BLOG exxclusive to Judges. The pics will have no name only Finalist numbers.JUDGES will be named after the winners are announced

Congrats Ladies,
See you at the runway



Eilonweeh Grantly was born on April 25, 2010. I want to be called as ✿❤✿ Eil ✿❤✿

As I am still new to Second Life I have already set what I wanted out from this game and that is to be a Fashion Model.... but as I lived my life I realized it is impossible..

Back then I am just a simple girl having so many dreams ... I've already given up my hopes to be a model.

Met lots of amazing people here in SL who have helped me reached the point where I am now...I am so thankful for their love and care and that makes me realized cannot live ur life alone, all we need to survive in this game is a simple hi and a warmth hello.

I'm a risk taker...and never regret it. It had opened a lot of doors for me and I've accidentally made a life here in SL... and having a life means lots of responsibilities.

I'm thankful I have found the most amazing family my Blue Family Ben and Stacy, my sister Hepzibah who is very loving and protective and my baby brother Jordan. As some would say we are like MAFIA.. we take extra care ㋡.

And to my extended family Angel, Bri, Chelsea, Seree and Yajiru who were my best of friends and my sisters too, to the most amazing guy in SL my ever loving and supportive brother Navarro.

My dearest friend turned niece Sophie, who have opened my eyes that I need to be beautiful... My Begad, who were always there for me listening and knows all my ups and down....ever so caring and loving.

And to my Forever, who taught me a lot of things in life and I really learned a lot. He just knows his way to my ♥.

To all that I've met along the way...people I've worked with and to those who have showed me the right path to my success...

Lastly, to MA Modeling Agency and Academy especially Ms. Lulu, Ms. Lane, Ms. Isabelle and the ever so fabulous Ms. Vanity ever so ready and supportive.

I owe a lot to them. They've been with me in a special moment in my life. They are a part of what I am now and what I would be in the future...

I dedicate all my hardwork and my diploma to my Blue Mama Stacy Maracas...

I guess life is as easy as saying a nice and simple hello. Don't be afraid to ask for help and say ♥ Thank Youuuuuuuuuu!! ♥


I came to SL in April of 08 to explore the fashion industry. It wasn't long before I discovered the modeling world and got my first job modeling for JCNY. Knowing that I need more training as a model, I enrolled in MODA Modeling School and graduated in Feb 09 and was later promoted as a MODA Spotlight Model which airs Monday nights on SLTV.

Since then I have done an array of modeling jobs including print work and runway and entered several contests along the way. I later took a job at Calendar Models of SL as the CCO and tryed my hand at photography. It was pretty tough for me in the beginning because I as working with a program I knew nothing about but with the help of my SL partner Eric, I was able to overcome those obsticles. I learn so many new things everyday, SL really challenges my creative side more than I could have ever imagined.

I graduated from 2 other modeling schools, and began to design a line of fashions and jewelry for our store. I recently accepted a position for the Onyx Bills SFL Football team as a Cheer Coach and later was promoted by the SFL as an All-Star Cheerleader. I am really excited about the SFL, it's brought so many new opportunities into SL!

I love all I do in SL and couldnt imagine my life without any one of them. Modeling in SL certainly can have its ups and downs but I still feel now as I did in the beginning when I came to SL, I am so honored to be part of this fashion world, from the people I have met to the things I have learned, its been an incredible

Monday nights, 7:30 http//

MODA Modeling School~Grad Dec 08
LA Modeling Academy~Grad Nov 09
Mimmi Boa Academy~Grad Feb 10

Venus Modeling Agency
D'ior Modeling Agency

CFO & Designer ~ Calendar Models of SL
Cheerleader Coach for the ONYX BILLS
SFL All-Star Cheerleader

Calendar Models of SL
SonIa Summer 2009 2nd Week Winner Model
Nu Vibes August 09 Issue - Retro Spread
Eccentric Winner Calendar Model 2010
Angel Dessous Photo Winner 3rd place, Aug 09
Angel Dessous Photo Winner 2nd place, Sep 10
E-Style September 10, "Fashion County Style"


JCNY Sept 08, Oct 08, Nov 08, Dec 08, Jan 09
3rd Place Algera Swimsuit Competition
Next Top Model 2009 finalist
Pre-Finalist MVW 2010, 2011
Winner Oct 09 "Clothesminded"
Finalist Miss Refined 2009
Finalist Diram Fashion Dec 09
Finalist DMG Aug 10




Eclit Little
Age SL : Aout 2007
Age RL : 29 ans
Language : Français/Anglais

Model Academy
*Face2face model where i did my graduate
Don t have work since this time !

I am available rather often, I am professional, perfectionist, and I always go at the end of things!!
Im photographer and i take all my pics! I like all which concern the fashion , and like beautiful clothes!! I made also some simple TShirt, and tatoes! And have built my french house!
Send IM or mail to

my blog:

Je suis disponible assez souvent, je suis professionnel, perfectionniste, et je vais toujours au bout des choses!! Je suis photographe et je fais toutes mes photos
J aime la mode et tout ce qui concerne les vetements de qualité ! Je crée aussi des TShirts, et j'ai bati ma maison Française!
envoyez moi un IM ou un mail à:


Hi! My name is Alexandrea Ryada. I'm sort of new to SL having a rez date of 03/05/10 but I've already fallen in love with the fashions and the modelling industry here. I try to keep myself busy by attending all the classes, conventions, and casting calls I possibly can. I am also the personal assistant to Ms. Niccoli Sweetwater who owns Nic's House of Tunes located on Sweetwater Island. I enjoy modelling, live music events, and playing greedy with my friends and family!


I started my Second Life journey in March of 2010. It wasn't long before I realized that I fell in love with modeling. I wanted to do everything I could to grow as a model. I took classes at iC Motions (both basic and advance). I now work as a model with Peach Parade, Maritima Inc., and LG photography. I want to continue to grow was a model and as a role model through different avenues throughout the modeling world.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


INTRODUCING DMG_MEN's PLAID POLO in time with DMG's Theme for this month COUNTRY FASHION. This outfit will be the participating outfit for Men in our October contest.Show me how creative you can be with this outfit. Ladies watch out for ISSY's FALL Collection. It's your chance to be E-STYLE's next cover model.

Model: Barney Helendale
Photo: Braden Adder

I LOVE MY PrimSavers

Worry about having no Prims to buy that furniture you've always wanted?. PrimSavers has the solution for you. Wide range of furniture selections available at PrimSavers.


Wednesday, September 8, 2010

NEW RELEASE: KATHERINE Formal Gown Collection

There has been a delay in the release for almost a week due to of course what else- RL.

DMG Creations is happy to introduce to you our newest line "KATHERINE" of course named after our Creative Look Winner for July Ms. Katherine Comet.

Katherine comes in 5 wonderful striking colors. This will be our participating outfit for the month of September. Deadline for submission of entries will be moved on the 25th of Sept. Winners will be announced on Sept 30. You can either purchase the outfit inworld at Brasov City 249/33/21 or at our XStreetSL page. Rules of Entry can be picked up at the store or just throw me an IM or a NC.

Prizes awaiting our winner:

1. A set of Poses from Morgane Batista
2. A new Skin/Shape from Oceane's Body Botique
3. A Set of Nails from Studio Nails
4. 4-5 Outfits From Tres Beau
5. A pair of 24 shoo-shoes
6. A GC worth L$ 1000 from DMG Creations
7. A 30 day exclusive contract with DMG as Runway Model which is a paid position
8. An outfit from DMG Creations named after her
9. Will be DMG's Catalog Model for its new release
10. Will be E-Style's cover model for its next issue

Runner up will receive:

1. A new Skin/Shape from Oceane's Body Botique
2. An Outfit from our sponsor of the month
3. A pair of 24 shoo-shoes
4. A GC worth L$ 500 from DMG Creations
5. A 30 day exclusive contract with DMG as Runway Model which is a paid position
6. Will be E-Style's centerfold model for its next issue

All Finalists:
1. A pair of 24-shoo shoes
2. A chance to be featured in E-STYLES Fashion Spread.

All these worth L$ 40,000 in total prize.

What are you waiting for you could be E-Style's Next Cover Model


It is an honor for me to introduce to you DMG's New Logo. This Logo will be DMG's official trademark in all catalogs, print ads and other items that needs branding. The logo will officially be introduced to the public on our one year anniversary in October. The man behind this logo is an RL Photographer and soon to be one of SL's well known photographer Homens Pinelli. Homens RL work are amazing he can make a simple picture catch your attention. Homens is from Bucharest,Romania I met him coz we are neighbors in Owl Point. Thank you very much Homens.Here are our logos

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Urban Fashion Show is the culminating event of the Urban Fashion week held last March 2010. Sponsors were housed in an Urban Sim where they get to exhibit their stuff. This event was sponsored by Fashion Institute and Anabella Ravinelli took the nice photos.

DMG Reign Purple Shorts and Paisley Tube Top

DMG Graffiti Shirt and Open Zip Denim Pants

DMG Amyjade Floral Collection Blue Top and DMG Black Denims

DMG Rissa Swimwear Collection in Grey and Open Zip Denim Capri

DMG Graffiti 2 Shirt and Open Zip Denim Shorts

DMG Amyjade Floral COllection in Orange

DMG Locked Business Wear

DMG Orange Corset and Rugged Mini shorts

DMG Plaid Green

DMG Reign Summer outfit in Brown

DMG Tex in Brown

DMG_Secondlife shirt with Philippine Spark for Change Logo

Monday, September 6, 2010


INTRODUCING the newest addition to the group of our Live Male Models:

I saw Zigrich at MA Modeling Fashion show which I hosted just recently. It was indeed a funny experience because I was TPed the last minute. Notecard given just a few minutes before the show. Zig is an MA Modeling Student. He showed dedication to his work and since one position is left vacant when Lars Foulsbane left for other endeavors I offered him the job which he gladly accepted. I am thankful because he saved me from the casting call I am planning to do.

Currently living and working in Florida (RL)and working with DMG Creations at the Brasov City as a Live Model in store(SL), Victor Leon Fernandez (also known as Zigrich Zsigmond in this virtual world game called SECOND LIFE )is widely known for his social commentary,Modeling,Building Site,Photo shoot,jewerly, delivered through his portrayals of characters from the city streets and using this virual world game has also increased his abilities to become professional. While the idea of using the urban landscape as a canvas Fashion/Modeling/Audio remains a constant, he continues to show his fine art/audio/modeling in Fashion in Tampa Bay Florida,Arm force,Germany,Second life and New York among others. He was recently invited to exhibit at the New York City Museum in West side New York and has been featured in publications such as The New York Times, Puerto Rico High City( " LA Boba") and Face Book and flickr.

Born in Puerto Rico ( RL ) and raise in the heart of NEW YORK CITY AND FLORIDA in 1971,(Born SL 12-20-2006 ) married for 7 years and 3 fabulous children is part of a growing dimension of urban contemporary artists/aduio/tech/dancer, changing the scene of traditional and non-traditional art and visual media. After attending the Art Institute and Audio Visual of Puerto Rico and Arts/Modeling with an emphasis on fine art illustration, he honed his skills at the Photo/Art/Modeling Institute of Puerto Rico, graduating in 1993 has also attended The MA modeling Academy and on the 11th of September will be graduating from MA Academy. He moved to the east coast a year later to pursue a job offer and started the creative Audio Visual and business. Its success allows, Fernandez (Zsigmond) to continue his path as an accomplished Audio and Visual( A.VT.) and Second Life, contemporary artist/Modeling and as-AUDIO VISUAL TECH/Photo Shoot.


I always wanted a normal job or to live a normal life. other than myself. Repetition bores me. Traffic aggravates me. Stampedes scare me. I started doing stuff on the streets as a way to reach a wider demographic of people with my “unlearn” message; the positive reaction kept me going. Self-expression in a public environment, to me, is for the most part based on truth and not motivated by commerce… and that had a strong appeal to me as well.

I like to channel ideas, thoughts or messages into my work that I wish to convey that I otherwise might never express. I also have a personal goal to expose as many people to art/photo and modeling as possible and to honor the power art has when it’s created and accepted.

I like to work fast, unconsciously and spontaneously. I concentrate on good materials from my immediate environment and preparing my surfaces. I like to work on 5 pieces of clothing at a time and watch myself and say "hmmm", in unison and unique. I have been pushing the level of integrity in my work a lot though lately, looking deeper into color and mood to better capture and translate the human experience and in this fashion world we live in. 􀀀􀀂

My work utilizes a range of mediums, composed of textures, patterns and shapes build a setting in which the human form is embedded, creating a visual representation of the complexities of the human experience and environment, how fabulous and stunning could that be; I say AMAZING!!!!.

Zig is a wonderful addition in our existing roster of LIVE MALE MODELS listed below:
1.Amitriel Mattercaster
2.Barney Helendale
3.ChristianDavid1 Destiny
4.Mesh Carter

They all have been featured previously in this blog. You can Track back if you wanted to get to know all of them.


Hugs to all 3 judges who helped me in choosing the winners:

1. SIMONE PETERMAN- yes the debonair Simone Peterman Owner and CEO of Secondnights. Simone has been a long time friend.Always willing to help me with my contest in such a short notice.

2. THEA TAMURA- the lovely Thea of Thea Tamura Fashion. Always there for me. She is just one IM away.

3. DANI PLASSITZ- the ever dependable Dani of D-Designs. Always willing to lend a helping hand. Is also my friend for long.

I LOVE YOU GUYS and my deepest appreciation for picking our monthly winner.