Wednesday, June 22, 2011


After a quarter of year hibernating and contemplating on some real life situations. DMG Creations is back with 4 new releases: Rusalka White Cocktail, Rusalka Boho Outfit, Diona Spring Babydoll dress and Diona Blue Boho Babydoll dress named after 2011 DMG Creative Look Monthly winners Rusalka Callisto(January 2011) and Diona Silverweb(February 2011).

Only the Rusalka Outfits will be the participating outfit for June 2011. Deadline of Submission of Entries will be on June 30. Finalists will be announced on July 2nd and winners will be announced on July 5th.The winner will be E-Style's cover model for its next issue.

1. Picture should be 1024 x 1024 showing how you styled the participating outfit. It should be full perm and named DMG Creative Look June 2011(your name).
2. Another picture (headshot) should be submitted in a folder with a notecard telling a little something about yourself and why you join the contest.
3. Submit all entries to Docseree Mistwalker and copy furnish this email:

1. You will become E-Style Cover Model for its next issue
2. You will receive a set of poses from Morgane Batista
3. You will receive a set of nails from StudioNails
4. You will receive a set of outfits from the monthly sponsor
5. A DMG Outfit will be named after you
6. You will get a portfolio of your photoshoot/cover pictorial pics

Runner-up will become E-Style's Centerfold Model and will receive an outfit from TTF(Thea Tamura's Fashion)

Participating outfits will be available at our in world store or at the Marketplace. GoodLuck!!

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