Monday, March 14, 2011

Get To Know Them: Creative Look Winners for FEBRUARY


Hi Im Diona I rez zed in 5/20/2010 and this is my second entry for DMG Creations my first entry was for the January Contest. Im CEO of Virtual Image Consulting and Fashion Addict Fashionista Group. I have entered various contest and I enjoy styling, modeling, photography and fashion in SL .

DMG Creations and E-Style Magazine is a fabulous way to show my creativity and style. It's been an amazing opportunity to be finalist for such a prestigious Magazine.

Runner Up: PERLA RAE

I am Perla Rae and have been in Second Life since January 2009. My reasons for coming to second life was to meet new people and explore new places. Specifically travel to sims in Europe and other other countries that I have not had the opportunity to visit in 1st Life.

Since I have been in in Second Life I became interested in role playing sims and fashion. Also I enjoy interacting with people from diverse backgrounds and cultures.

Modeling has always been something that I have wanted to pursue as I love reading the fashion magazines and visiting designer stores. There are many talented and gifted designers in Second Life. My goal is to be able to model some of their fabulous designs on the runway and in print ads. I see myself as the mannequin to display such wonderful designs. Enhancing my modeling career is my top priority now.

I am a very a friendly and out going person and love stimulating conversation.

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